The Livestock population of the State is 90.50 Lacs of which the number of cattle and buffaloes is 15.52 and 59.53 lacs respectively. With a net work of 2789 Veterinary Institutions every three villages on an average is having one Veterinary institution providing the Artificial Insemination and Veterinary care facilities. Haryana State with a milk availability of 673 grams per day per capita ranks second highest in the country against the national average of 252 grams. There is a scope for further increase provided the decline in the genetic quality of the buffaloes and cows could be arrested and mproved further. To address this problem, the Govt. of Haryana enacted Murrah Buffalo and other Milch Animal Breed (Preservation and Development of Animal Husbandry and Dairy Development Sector) Act, 2001 for fast improvement of the genetic stock of the milch animals specifically the world famous “Murrah” and milch breeds of cattle.