A large number of top quality Murrah buffaloes is exported each year out of the State which ultimately finds Its way to slaughter houses after the cessation of the lactation period. This is resulting in serious depletion of this unique germ plasm. The Haryana Livestock Development Board being fully concerned of this fast depleting valuable germ plasm has introduced a comprehensive programme to preserve, conserve and improve the same. Under this programme, top quality Murrah buffaloes of the farmers are identified & the owners are awarded cash incentives according to their peak yield.

Category Peak Yield Cash Incentives
A 25 kg. and above Rs. 25,000/-
B 19-25 kg. Rs.15,000/-
C 16-19 kg Rs.10000/-
D 13-16 kg. Rs. 5000/-

The male calves-at-foot of these top quality Murrah buffalos are purchased and reared for further breeding. The semen of bulls, whose mothers peak yield is 18 lts & above is frozen and others are supplied to Panchayats on subsidized rates for natural service.