Incentive Money has been distributed to the owners of buffaloes yielding milk from 12 kgs. to 18 kgs and above per day. Year wise detail of Number of Beneficiaries and Incentive money disbursed is as under:-

Year Number of Beneficiaries Incentive Money disbursed (Rs. in Lac)
2000-01 --- ---
2001-02 1789 66.53
2002-03 3374 109.13
2003-04 1700 143.09
2004-05 1745
2005-06 3123 125.30
2006-07 4396 162.80
2007-08 9459 415.76
2008-09 17654 1177.90
Total upto 3/2009 43240 2200.51


Haryana is the pioneer state in the country to introduce insurance cover to all types of milch animals, yielding more than 12 liters milk per day and this facility is also extended to bullocks. 50% of the insurance premium amount is being paid by Haryana Livestock Development Board and the balance amount, borne by the breeders themselves.


Haryana Livestock Development Board is taking all steps for the identification and recording of high producing Buffaloes and their male calves. The male calves-at-foot of top quality Murrah buffaloes are purchased by the Haryana Livestock Development Board, reared and used as breeding bulls. Number of bulls, surplus to the requirement, are being given to village Panchayats on subsidised rates for providing the natural services.