Animal Husbandry Department

Department of Animal Husbandry, Haryana is one of the oldest departments established more than a century ago. The department is responsible for providing health care and breeding facilities for the precious livestock of the state. At the time of creation of the State of Haryana in 1966, the State had a skeleton infrastructure and staff for animal husbandry activities. The number of veterinary institutions functioning in 1966 were only 314, which has now increased to 2799 indicating tremendous progress in the animal husbandry activities in the State.

In spite of limited resources, the State has been striving hard to maintain the tempo of development and to enhance the production of milk,egg & wool. The following table presents the comparative study of livestock and livestock products in the State during 1966 and 2013-14:-

# Particulars Unit 1966 2013-14
1 Livestock (Numbers) Lacs 55.2 88.19
2 Poultry (Numbers) Lacs 4.8 428.21
3 Veterinary Institutions Nos 314 2799
4 Institutions providing breeding facilities Nos - 2799
5 Intensive Cattle Dev.Project Nos 2 7
6 Milk Production Lacs MTs 10.8 74.42
7 Per Capita Availability of Milk Gms 352 773
8 Egg Production Lacs Nos 242 43591
9 Wool Production Lacs Kgs - 13.90