Brief Introduction

Haryana has a prominent place on the livestock map of the country in spite of being one of the smallest (1.3 % of total geographical area) States of India. The animal husbandry activities in the State play a pivotal role in the rural economy through a variety of contributions in the form of income generation, draft power, socio-economic upliftment, employment avenues and better nutrition to the human population through livestock products like milk, eggs & meat etc.

Aims & Objectives

  • To provide veterinary health care and diagnostic facilities.
  • To provide quality breeding services to enhance productivity.
  • Upgradation and conservation of indigenous breeds.
  • Quality control of Feed, Milk and Milk products.
  • Veterinary Extension, Education and Training.
  • Promotion of Dairying for self-employment.
  • Special livestock production programme for social upliftment.
  • Fodder Production
  • Misc. activities related to Livestock development in the state.